Kathy Griffin Gets Silenced As Twitter Suspends Her Account

Kathy Griffin's Twitter was suspended. Musk then warned against "impersonating" him.

The My Life on the D-List alum was banned from Twitter after joining a trend to change display names to Elon Musk.

Griffin did not change her Twitter handle, which she had kept as “@kathygriffin.”

Musk warned other Twitter users who impersonate without specifying "parody" that their accounts would be suspended.

Previously, we issued a warning before suspension, but now there will be none.

This is a Twitter Blue signup requirement. Any name change causes temporary checkmark loss.

Valerie Bertinelli changed her Twitter name to Elon Musk but reverted on Sunday.

She tweeted, "Okey-dokey, I've had my fun and made my point." "I'm not a trendsetter. Never been, won't be. Happy Sunday! xo.”

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