Jennifer Aniston said a male 'Friends' actor was unpleasant on-set

Remember last month's Friends reunion? The gang was back to bring us laughs, memories, and tears.

Jennifer Aniston says a mysterious guest actor was difficult to work with on-set.

Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow appeared on The Howard Stern Show, where they discussed a guest actor who didn't seem interested in being on-set.

Jennifer said the man apologised years later, saying, "I was so nervous, I wasn't on my best behaviour." "They seemed too 'above' this for a sitcom."

"During a network run-through, the network and producers laughed. This person would say, "Hear them laughing at their own jokes."

So stupid, not funny'" continued "What are you doing?'" This isn't our attitude. You're coming into our home and trashing it.'"

No, it wasn't Dr. Richard Burke. Tom Selleck was perfect.

Aniston joked, "You don't know how cruel and unusual he is. Tom has a permanent angel's halo over his head."

Sounds like we may never know who this mystery male actor was. Womp womp!

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