Internet celebrates as YouTuber Nikita Dragun is arrested for bizarre crime

Nikita Dragun, a controversial YouTuber, was arrested after an absurd-sounding criminal spree.

She is best known for her June 2020 COVID-19 party. She has produced one of the oddest police reports ever.

TMZ stated that Dragun was arrested in Miami for violence and disorderly conduct at The Goodtime Hotel before jumping naked into the pool and splashing the police.

Dragun may have taken the motel name too seriously. With Dragun's arrest, the internet is celebrating her past scandal.

Some Twitter users find celebrity schadenfreude cathartic. Misgendering Dragun to insult her is not okay.

Doing this hurts everyone, especially trans or non-binary people who may see you.

YouTubers arrested feel like low-rent Hollywood celebrities. Dragun should videotape the entire crime spree on her YouTube or TikTok account.

Dragun has a $5000 bond for disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer, and misdemeanour.

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