Chris Pratt Addresses Future of TV Show 'The Terminal List'

Marvel star Chris Pratt has addressed the future of his Prime Video series The Terminal List.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor suggests Lieutenant Commander James Reece will return.

"Rabid Terminal List fans, don't worry," he told Deadline. "We love your support. Our mission is to keep you coming back. Working."

Jack Carr, author of the military drama's books (with more to come), said, "Cool stuff may be on the horizon."

James Reece (Pratt), a Navy SEAL, believes his platoon was murdered and investigates a conspiracy.

Pratt told Digital Spy: "Jack Carr has five great books. They're all reading his top New York Times bestsellers. Keep it going, please!"

Season 2 will likely be based on Carr's second book in the series, True Believer, says executive producer David DiGilio.

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