Chris Pine Once Shared His Deep Regret About His ‘Jack Ryan’ Film

Shadow Recruit was Pine's breakout role. Star Trek boosted his fame.

Jack Ryan pitched Pine a project similar to Damon's Bourne franchise. Pine led because he wanted more work.

He liked Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin's previous Jack Ryan films.

"I'd just gotten Star Trek, so getting this was quite thrilling. Why did I take it? I was given work. Also, I love Ryan.

Pine once told Den of Geek, "I've always enjoyed those flicks, Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, and spy fiction."

As a prominent man, Pine felt pressure. Star Trek made him a movie star. But Jack Ryan was different.

There's pressure because many people have opinions and require them to succeed. I play the title character, unlike Star Trek.

All you can do is surround yourself with people you trust and pray for the best,” he added.

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