Alex Jones Punished Plenty by $1 Billion Jury Award

Alex Jones' lawyer told a Connecticut judge Monday that the almost $1 billion a jury ordered him to pay Sandy Hook victims was punishment enough and no punitive damages should be added.

"If a billion dollars doesn't accomplish it, a trillion dollars won't," Jones's lawyer told a judge in Waterbury, Connecticut.

The judge's ruling that Mr. Jones was accountable for defaming the families "barred him of the chance to defend" himself, therefore "he was punished sufficiently."

“There was a punishment factor in the verdict itself,” Pattis said.

Lawyers for the victims wanted Bellis to award Jones maximum punitive damages for selling items with fraudulent claims.

Bellis said Jones broke the law by selling supplements and survival items on his Sandy Hook conspiracy show.

Chris Mattei, one of the families' lawyers, told Bellis that Jones's argument against further damages is "it's excessive, it's a lot." "Mr. Jones's despicable behaviour devastated the plaintiffs."

He’s asking you to ‘give us a discount because our conduct was so bad’” that the math on additional penalties comes in high.

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